Transformers 4 Will Take Place Four Years Later

When he’s not busy ordering pyrotechnics, lashing out at Hugo Weaving or pledging that disgruntled celebrities donate all their money to elephant charities, Michael Bay can be seen taking cues from online speculations and casting Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4. If you’ve never seen a Transformers movie then you are one of the few remaining members of the population who still retain a moderate level of intelligence and/or hearing function in both ears.

Anyway, now that Mark Wahlberg is set to bring a certain Boston-ness to a franchise that obviously needed a whole lot more Boston-ness, Michael Bay has revealed that the next installment will take place 4 years after Dark of the Moon:

“The movie will continue four years from the attack on Chicago. Which is in the last movie. So it’s going to still have the same lineage. And it’s going a full new direction and feels very natural how it’s going in that direction. There is no way you’re going to ever find out what the story is. You don’t have to dig through my trash… I shredded my trash.”

Don’t go through Michael Bay’s trash if you wanna know what’s happening, then. He also revealed later that Shia LaBeouf’s character from the previous trilogy of films is dead after being stepped on by one of the robots (along with all the other characters). Okay, not really… we made that part up, but since Michael Bay listens to the internet, maybe he can, like, put that in somewhere. Now that’s starting fresh.

Source: Total Film