Transformers 4 Signs Jack Reynor For Lead Role

With Michael Bay being the only returning component of his next Transformers film, many wondered who would fill the role that Shia LaBeouf held as leading man – replacing Sam Witwiky. With so many rising young stars and so many big names available to put front and center in Transformers 4, of course Bay hand-picked Jack Reynor out of the bunch – wait, what?

For those of you who don’t know Reynor or his filmography, the Ireland native is best known for his leading role in What Richard Did, an Irish drama about the effects of violence among Dublin’s jaded youths. The film itself is receiving much praise from the lucky ones who have seen it, being powerful enough to propel Reynor’s name to the top of Michael Bay’s list. Everyone’s favorite explosion obsessed director is extremely confident in his choice as well, taking to his own blog to call Jack “the real deal” after catching his performance.

Reynor will be joining Mark Wahlberg in a brand new cast for Transformers 4, as Bay’s film will take place 4 years after the destructive war in Chicago – starting off an entirely new trilogy. Bay repeatedly has said he won’t return to direct the following two movies about his brand new Autobot vs. Decepticon global war, but people say a lot of things. Let’s see how he holds to his word after the millions of dollars are counted.

So there you have it – Jack Reynor will be talking to transforming automobiles and fighting the forces of evil alongside Mark Wahlberg for the next three action-packed Hasbro-influenced Transformers adventures. The first three films were never critically loved, and even ripped apart for sexist roles and racist scripting by some, but they sure as hell lit up the box office – so why not make three more?

What do you guys think – did Bay take a good risk by bringing in a relative unknown to the Hollywood market? For those who have been watching Reynor develop, do you think he’ll fit well in Bay’s fiery world? For the hell of it, does everyone out there even want another Transformers film, let alone three more?

Source: [First Showing]