Transformers 4 Gets An Unexpected Title And New Poster


If you’re like me, then there was nothing so disappointing as the moment when you realized that acclaimed thespian Shia LaBeouf would not be appearing in Transformers 4. Michael Bay and Co. hope that you will accept Mark Wahlberg as an adequate substitute for the Beef-man. If you’re still weeping into your cornflakes over LaBeouf’s absence, maybe this will make you feel better: Transformers 4 now has a proper title and a new poster, largely confirming that the Dinobots are indeed going to be featured in this fine fine work of art. 

Transformers 4 is now called Transformers: Age of Extinction, which adequately hints at the fact that the Dinobots are going to show up. Who are the Dinobots, you young tots might ask? Well, children, the Dinobots are simply the coolest Transformers in the history of ever whose transformed mode take the form of dinosaurs – a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl and Triceratops, to be exact. Even I have to admit that I had one, but I could never get the thing to transform correctly. Here’s hoping that Bay will have better luck.

Plot details on Transformers: Age of Extinction are being kept under wraps, but we know that we’ll get to watch Mark Wahlberg emote, Kelsey Grammer intone and Stanley Tucci look around blankly, wondering how he came to this pass. Then there’s the Chinese singer Han Geng making his English-language debut. Given the Transformers history of racial sensitivity, I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of that. That’s besides the massive robots beating the hell out of each other for some obscure but totally plausible reason. Oh, the excitement!

You are more than welcome to check out the Transformers: Age of Extinction poster below and let us know what you think of the prospects for this latest installment. Are you excited to see Dinobots aplenty? Will you miss Shia? I know I will.