Transformers 5 To Be Called Transformers: The Last Knight


With the film about to head into production (it starts shooting on June 6th in Detroit), Transformers 5 has now been given an official title, with Paramount deciding to call it Transformers: The Last Knight. While we weren’t given any further details on the meaning behind the moniker, it’s likely referring to Optimus Prime, given that he belongs to the Knights of Cybertron.

We’ll likely have to wait until production is a little further along to get any additional plot details, but apparently the studio has big plans for the franchise. Already they’ve announced a Bumblebee spinoff for 2018 and nailed down release dates for a new trilogy, not to mention the impressive writing team they’ve put together to build a cohesive cinematic universe.

Yes, it looks like that despite the hopes of moviegoers everywhere, the robots in disguise aren’t going anywhere just yet. Sure, Transformers: Age of Extinction may have been a pretty terrible film, but it did make a lot of money, and so will this one. We’re not expecting it to be any better than its predecessor, but there is an audience for this kind of stuff and with Michael Bay back behind the camera, you can bet that the fifth entry in the series will be another bombastic outing with little coherence or depth.

Transformers: The Last Knight will release on June 23rd, 2017. Tell us, have you had enough of the franchise yet, or are you looking forward to the new instalmnet?