Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Visits Russia

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon premiered in Russia last week and as one of Paramount’s largest movie premieres, it was a pretty big deal. The studio has released a short feauterette which can be seen below that highlights the premiere and the trip to Russia. It looks pretty exciting and you can bet that the film will be met with equal if not greater reception when it premieres in other countries around the world.

Running for two and a half minutes, we get some footage of the premiere, the Linkin Park concert that accompanied it and some interviews with the cast and crew. It’s worth a watch, especially if you’re looking forward to the film. It really puts into perspective just how big this franchise is for the studio.

I saw Transformers: Dark Of The Moon last night and loved it. It’s not without problems but it’s far and away the best summer blockbuster of the year and it will likely keep that title come the end of August.

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