Transformers & GI Joe Crossover Movie Unlikely To Happen



If you’ve been holding your breath for a Transformers /G.I. Joe movie crossover, I’m afraid we have some bad news. According to /Film, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has gone on record to state that he is not looking to bring the two franchises together for the big screen. At least not any time in the near future.

When speaking to MTV about the crossover possibility, Bonaventura said that although Transformers and GI Joe had been amalgamated in comic form, he was not making plans to readopt the idea for film.

“[It’s] hard enough to figure out how to do it alone and [then] trying to figure out how to do it together…I don’t think that it’s as organic as people think. I know a lot of the fans feel that way and I don’t think they’re wrong. I find it a harder thing to do, think about trying to combine the schedules of all the different people. So, that alone will probably stop us.”

Bonaventura also told IGN that he felt movie crossovers and spinoffs were a sign that a series had reached its peak:

“I think a lot of those spinoffs tend to happen when something’s plateaued. We’re not at that place yet, hopefully.”

It’s understandable why fans were hoping for the two franchises to meet on the silver screen; after all, the two have quite a lot in common. Both Transformers and GI. .Joe are owned by Hasbro, both were produced by Bonaventura and Paramount distributed each of their cinematic adaptations. And with the huge success of the Avengers series, creating a Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover would have definitely been a fan favourite.

Sadly, though, ’tis not to be.

Source: /Film