Transformers: The Last Knight Image Spotlights A Revamped Barricade


For all of the new blood Paramount has pumped into its Transformers franchise – let’s not forget the studio established an entire writers room to steer the lucrative juggernaut in a new direction – Transformers: The Last Knight, the next installment that’s due to land in 2017, features a host of very familiar faces both human and otherwise.

Case in point: Barricade, the sleek, mean Deception that ought to be rotting in a devastated power plant right about now, is set to make a surprise return in time for The Last Knight. That’s according to a Tweet posted by Josh Duhamel – also returning to the scene following a brief hiatus from the Transformers series – revealing that Barricade is still very much alive, well and ready to cause chaos in Michael Bay’s hotly-anticipated sequel.

Indeed, Barricade is not the only robot in disguise to get a new lick of paint; earlier this week, Bay himself shared an image of a new-look Bumblebee, built using the latest, 2016 model of the Chevrolet Camaro. Yes, if there was ever any doubt that Paramount’s Transformers series is as much an advert for General Motors as it is a sci-fi yarn, these latest updates from production ought to, ahem, drive that point home.

In the human camp, Duhamel will be joined by Mark Wahlberg’s returning Cade Yeager, along with the recent addition of the inimitable Anthony Hopkins.

Transformers: The Last Knight has been pegged for June 17, 2017. Beyond that, there’s also word of Transformers 6 deploying into theaters on June 8, 2018 where the action will reportedly shift the focus onto Bumblebee, before another installment arrives in time for June 28, 2019.

Source: Twitter