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Tremors 7 Has Now Wrapped Filming

Filming for the seventh film in the Tremors series has now completed production, according to star Michael Gross. But we're still without a release date.

Tremors 2

Remember yesterday when we said how much Kevin Bacon still wants to make his own Tremors reboot? And that the Tremors direct-to-video sequel series was still in production? Well, apropos of the latter point, there’s been a big update now.

Filming on the prospective seventh film in the franchise, Tremors: Island Fury (also known as Tremors 7), has wrapped, ahead of a mooted release date somewhere in 2020. Bet you’re quaking with excitement, as it’s going to rock your home cinema. You’ll be trembling at the thought of it. OK, I’m out of puns. Turns out there are only so many shaky jokes you can make (and I used that one in the previous article. Bummer).

One of the project’s principal stars, Michael Gross, took to Facebook to announce the news today, saying:

“That’s a Wrap!!! Tremors 7 has completed filming in Thailand, and here are a few of the cast and production team who made it possible, led by director Don Michael Paul in the white shirt on the left. Thank you all!!!“

Gross has appeared in every film in the series, dating back almost 30 years, typically as psycho survivalist Burt Gummer, though in the prequel Tremors 4: The Legend Begins he played one of Gummer’s antecedents. Tremors 7 will also feature roles for Jon Heder – most famous for his debut performance in Napoleon Dynamite – and Richard Brake, who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents in Batman Begins, back before doing that was cool. It’s happened twice in the last three years, after all, and for all we know it’s going to happen again in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Someone get them into witness protection!

Now, just a final passing thought before you move on from this article, which will pass from your mind quicker than they make Tremors sequels (Island Fury will be the third in five years). Where do you get direct-to-video films these days? Are they direct-to-download? We definitely superseded direct-to-DVD. Is this the most millennial question of the year? Maybe, but “is my avocado latte gluten free?” just might surpass it.

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