Tremors 7 Receives An Official Title And Rating

Tremors 2

The original Tremors was one of the best B-movies of the early 1990s. After a brief but successful run in cinemas, the horror-comedy became a hit on home video (helped by truly iconic VHS cover art). Since that first film, we’ve had five sequels (and a TV show) of varying levels of quality, but the franchise is ready to burrow back into our hearts with Tremors 7, now officially titled Tremors: Shrieker Island.

The movie will, of course, see the return of the monstrous Graboids, giant subterranean worm-like creatures that detect vibrations on the surface and burst up from below to devour people. This time the conceit is that a number of Graboids have been captured by a bored billionaire desperate for some thrills. He’s transported the deadly monsters to an island resort with the intention of hunting them for sport. Something tells me that this show of hubris is going to backfire…

Confirmed on the cast list are 3 From Hell’s Richard Brake, Napoleon Dynamite‘s Jon Heder and series mainstay Michael Gross (who’s played kooky survivalist Burt Gummer since the first movie). It’ll be directed by Don Michael Paul, who returns after helming the sixth instalment Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell and is written by Brian Brightly.

One small caveat is that this upcoming instalment will be rated PG-13 for “creature violence, language throughout, some gore, and suggestive/drug references.” This isn’t unusual for the franchise, as most of the previous entries have received that rating, but indicates that we’re not going to see the same kind of entertaining and insanely gory action that made Deep Blue Sea 3 such a winner.

We don’t have an exact release date just yet, but Tremors: Shrieker Island will hit VOD in October 2020, so I think we’ll be seeing a trailer very soon.