First Tremors: Island Fury Photo Reveals A Bearded Burt Gummer

Tremors 2

Tremors: Island Fury remains on course for a direct-to-video release this October, having wrapped up its production months before the coronavirus pandemic hit. And to whet the fans’ appetites, actor Michael Gross has shared the first official image from the upcoming sequel on social media today.

The image offers a sneak peek at how his character, the eccentric Burt Gummer, will appear in the next instalment. He’s a far cry from the hardboiled Graboid-slayer last seen in 2018’s Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell, now sporting a thick white beard and long hair, as though he’s been lost in the wilderness for the last two years.

Island Fury is, of course, the seventh movie instalment in the horror franchise, and as the title suggests, this one takes place on an island resort. This time, the Graboid invasion will be a self-inflicted one of sorts, as the premise involves a rich playboy transporting the creatures off the mainland for a trophy hunt. What could possibly go wrong there?

Gross – who has appeared in all six of the previous Tremors movies as well as the short-lived SciFi channel TV spinoff – will star alongside Richard Brake, Jon Heder, Caroline Langrishe and Jackie Cruz in the seventh pic, which is directed by series regular Don Michael Paul, based on a screenplay from Brian Brightly.

The actor has been keeping fans updated throughout Tremors: Island Fury‘s development, confirming that the movie was greenlit right off the back of A Cold Day in Hell two years ago, and that filming wrapped up in Thailand in December last year.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment currently has the movie down for release in “October 2020,” but we’ll let you know as soon as the studio comes out with a more specific release date for what will no doubt be an earth-shattering addition to the series.