Angry Trolls Are Now Attacking Captain Marvel’s Deleted Scenes


Despite its massive box office success and generally positive critical reception, it seems some internet trolls and haters are dead set on expressing their distaste for Captain Marvel. Even though her origin story wasn’t a complete home run, it looks like Disney still has big things in store for Carol Danvers moving forward, and while a sequel has yet to be officially confirmed, it appears as if the House of Mouse has plans for her to lead the New Avengers in either Phase 4 or 5.

Not only that, but earlier this week, Captain Marvel executive producer Mary Livanos weighed in on the idea of “shipping” the eponymous hero with Valkyrie, which is sure to get some fans very excited. But of course, where there’s good news, there’s bound to be a vocal minority whose sole purpose is to rain on everyone’s parade.

Earlier this week, USA Today provided an exclusive first look at one the film’s deleted scenes. Those who saw Captain Marvel in theaters might remember a moment where Brie Larson’s character is mocked and harassed by a biker portrayed by Robert Kazinsky. In the theatrical release, Carol (or Vers, as she goes by at this point in the movie), steals the man’s motorcycle without giving him much trouble. In the deleted scene, she applies a bit of pressure and takes his leather jacket and keys as well. The small change adds a bit to Vers’ character, even if it doesn’t drastically alter the plot in any way.

As notes, the same group who took issue with Captain Marvel‘s female lead and empowering message are now claiming this deleted scene makes her out to be a villain, arguing that Iron Man and other MCU heroes wouldn’t have done something as cruel. Of course, said poorly-formed point conveniently forgets the many laws our favorite heroes have broken, not to mention the countless innocent lives that were taken, in the case of Ronin/Hawkeye.

Unfortunately, it seems the trolls and haters will continue to dogpile on Captain Marvel for reasons which barely make any sense to begin with. And even though its release has been plagued by petitions, complaints and review bombings, the staff here at We Got This Covered is excited to see what the future holds in store for Carol Danvers. All that’s left now is to wait for the hate to die down.