Tropic Thunder Writer Etan Cohen Hired For Yet Another Ghostbusters 3 Screenplay

Since 2008, numerous writers have attempted to appease actor Bill Murray with a script perfect enough to warrant a third Ghostbusters installment. But to this point, no such writer can boast that accomplishment. With remakes and reboots at an all time high, Sony refuses to abandon their dream of reuniting our favorite proton pack lugging heroes and have decided to take another crack at comedic paranormal storytelling by hiring Men In Black 3/Tropic Thunder scribe Etan Cohen.

Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, and Bill Murray all possess veto rights for any Ghostbusters associated sequel and Murray has been exercising his right quite publicly, but could Cohen provide that creative spark Murray strives for?

The whole Ghostbusters 3 saga is no secret, Dan Aykroyd first attempted to win original cast members over with a rough sequel script only to be shot down by lone vote Bill Murray. Some stories reported Murray sending back a shredded script to represent his answer. Studio heads then decided to bring on The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky in another effort to produce a franchise worthy story, but again Murray declined. Feelings were hurt, bickering ensued, but ultimately, Murray just wanted the “perfect” script.

Don’t put all the blame on Bill though, he gave the studio full authority to produce a sequel without his involvement. But of course, no one wants that. Sony now hopes that Cohen can deliver that screwball script Murray deems as perfection.

I fear patience is growing thin towards Murray and we’re all too close to seeing Ghostbusters 3 sans one founding crew member, written out via some wacky disappearance, or perhaps an untimely death for Peter Venkman?

After 23 years though the question still stands: do audiences even want to see these golden oldies pass the torch to a new generation of ghost hunters?

Source: The Playlist