True Blood’s Stephen Moyer Joins The Barrens

Bon Temps‘ favorite vampire, Stephen Moyer, is ready to fight even more monsters in Darren Lynn Bousman‘s new horror film, The Barrens.

In the film, Moyer will take on the Jersey Devil, a dragon-like creature that is rumored to haunt southern New Jersey. Local legend says that the monster, if it exists, could be anything from a prehistoric bird frozen in time to the embodiment of evil itself.

According to Variety, Moyer will play a man who goes camping deep in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens with his family, and quickly realizes they are being hunted by the legendary beast.

It seems like an interesting yet not entirely original idea for a horror film. The talent behind the pic shines some promise on the project as both Bousman and Moyer are both experienced individuals who have dabbled in the horror genre multiple times.

Hopefully we’ll get something worthy of our money and not just another cookie cutter horror film.