Tupac Movie To Finally Begin Production

Photo courtesy of Google images

The Tupac movie, which has been rumored for years, is finally coming to fruition.

The film, which will be directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), will focus on the rapper’s final day. No word yet on who will play the famed rapper.

According to New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog, Oscar-nominated screenwriters Stephen J. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson (Ali, Nixon) have signed on the pen the film. Wilkinson said the new version of the script will focus on the last day of Tupac’s life, while flashing back to the previous four years before leading to his death. The older edition of the script was more of a documentary.

Rivele told Vulture his impression of the hip-hop legend: “He was a really sensitive, very romantic, talented young poet who also could sing, dance, and act. But the realities [of the hip-hop record business] were that he had to create this persona of the gangster.”

Tupac’s murder is still unsolved some fourteen years later, but this film will not focus on the mystery of who killed him but rather why he was killed. Apparently the police have no interest in that particular mystery either.