The First TV Spot For After Earth Teases Monstrous Scale

Jaden Smith, thinking about clouds.

Jaden Smith, thinking about clouds.

A new thirty-second TV spot for M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth has crash landed on the internet following last night’s MTV Movie Awards ceremony. The footage is a condensed, action packed version of the longer theatrical trailer and hints at the kind of terrestrial horrors facing Kitai Ranger and his esteemed father Cypher, who will be played by Jayden and Will Smith, respectively.

And here’s the clip in all of its post-apocalyptic glory:

Set on a barren, unrecognisable Earth 1,000 years in the future, the film gravitates around the aforementioned Kitai and Cypher, who are futuristic citizens from Nova Prime – a colonised planet that exists light years away from our humble space rock. On a routine inter-stellar mission, their ship is caught amidst an asteroid field which causes it to crash land, killing everyone save for the two central Smiths, who discover that, more than a millennia ago, we left Earth for a reason.

On the surface, the trailer promises an effects-laden adventure which echoes many of sci-fi’s timeless, existential themes, but underneath is a shot at cinematic redemption for American filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. Considering that this is the director’s first foray into the genre of science fiction since Signs in 2002, one would imagine that After Earth will contain a rich tapestry of themes and solid performances. However, recently his motion pictures have divided audiences in a way that Marmite could only dream, so it’s understandable that some may be hesitant about seeing After Earth upon release.

In saying that, the film poses an interesting familial dynamic at its core, with the elder Smith playing a cold, world-weary veteran against his curious and ambitious son. Also, this is the first time that Shyamalan has directed someone else’s original screenplay in over two decades and it was Will Smith himself who hired the filmmaker to direct After Earth. So, with that in mind, perhaps the forthcoming film deserves our curiosity, if not, even just maybe, our attention.

Will you be joining the Smith’s in their Earthly escapades when the film is released on June 7th, 2013? Does the teaser trailer excite you for After Earth? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!