TV’s Magic City Will Return As A Movie With Bill Murray And Bruce Willis


To be frank, the idea of a TV series being resurrected on the big screen now seems old-fashioned! In this day and age, nary a day goes by without a film being earmarked for a TV pilot. So, hearing that Starz’ cancelled show Magic City is being developed as a feature is refreshing indeed. Well, as refreshing as a reboot can get.

Per Deadline, series creator Mitch Glazer will return to script and direct his starry ensemble for a full-length take of the 1960s Miami drama. Reprising their roles will be Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Danny Huston, Olga Kurylenko and Kelly Lynch, who all appeared in the initial two-season run. For the big screen outing, they’ll be sharing the spotlight with a couple of big-hitters who’ve recently joined the project: Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. Unfortunately though, there’s no further details on who exactly they’ll be playing, or of the narrative form the movie will adopt.

It’s hard to ascertain from the premise that’s landed whether it will be continuation of plot threads left dangling at the end of the series, or if it’ll be an entirely new take altogether. Judging by the return of its leading cast though, we’d hazard a guess that it will serve as closure, wrapping up events that the show’s cancelation prevented.

Check out the synopsis for yourself below, and let us know what you make of Magic City.

Miami 1962. Gangsters, hoteliers, spies and socialites win, lose and die beneath the palms. JFK and a mob boss share a mistress in a Collins Avenue penthouse. The CIA secretly arms Cuban freedom fighters and hires the mafia to kill Castro. The most powerful Miami Beach hotel owner battles them all to save his family and survive in the Magic City.

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