The Twilight Saga To Continue After Breaking Dawn – Part 2


Just when you thought the Twilight series was finally going to end, ridding cinema screens worldwide of maudlin teenagers without realistic life goals, Lionsgate has announced it aims to continue the franchise after the final instalment hits screens next month.

You can’t blame a studio for wanting to revive a film series which has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide and reduced teenage girls to sobbing mobs, eager to perpetuate Stephenie Meyer’s vampiric flimflam by throwing fistfuls of pocket money at it.

Earlier this summer the studio revealed details of igniting a straight remake or directing efforts into a spin-off, with the possibility of sparking another film series. Now, it seems Lionsgate are content to resign the characters of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner to Twilight’s backpassage and focus on a feature film spin-off or even….a TV series.

So, it looks like it may come to pass that a solid TV winner is jousted from a prime spot by a Twilight knock-off. Either way, the source at Lionsgate stated the project will exist “in the same world” as the previous films, with the potential for exploring the werewolf pack from which Lautner’s character originates.  This idea could venture far enough away from the insipid nonsense of the original saga to become a salvageable success.

To sum it up in the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm in the not-associated-with-Twilight-in-any-way Jurassic Park, Lionsgate is “so preoccupied with whether or not they could they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Exactly.

Are you excited at the prospect of the Twilight series continuing, or would you rather eat from a dumpster? Have your say in the comments below.

Source: The Film Stage