‘Twilight’ star doesn’t mind the role still being their most famous


Fans of the Twilight franchise can look out for yet another revival of the globally successful films. Ashley Greene, who played the clairvoyant vampire Alice Cullen, is launching a new podcast this week called The Twilight Effect via Kast Media, where she will catch up with cast members and answer burning questions about being a part of the beloved film and sequels.

Ahead of the launch, Greene, 35, spoke with Insider, where she shared that she still gets recognized as Alice by fans over ten years since the last film. “They definitely still call me Alice, which I don’t mind. She was such a big piece of my life for so long. Everyone sees Alice as this best friend and this positive impact in people’s lives,” she said.

Since 2012, a Twilight renaissance of sorts has taken place on social media, with Gen Z fans discovering the franchise and even TikTok culture catching on. When asked whether there were any changes since her initial reception a decade ago, Greene cited the lesser-known side of her character’s emotional impact.   

“I guess one thing that has changed is a lot of people have said that Alice was their gay awakening. The first time someone told me, I cried. I was like, ‘That’s so incredible! You know the impact that ‘Twilight’ had on people, but to kind of go that extra step and be able to allow people to be their true selves is really special.”

She added:

“It’s very cool to see your peers praising you for your work, even if it was done 10 years ago. It’s neat to see. And we all knew that ‘Twilight’ was something special when we were part of this and we were releasing in theaters. But to see it be able to have this kind of traction 10 years later, it’s very unexpected.”

The Twilight Effect is co-hosted by Greene’s best friend and Twilight superfan, Melanie Howe. The first two episodes will premiere on March 15 on all podcast platforms and YouTube, with new installments dropping weekly.