‘Twilight’ star launching behind the scenes podcast

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Ashley Greene, Twilight‘s Alice Cullen, has a surprise in store for those of us who just can’t put our Team Edward/Jacob gear into storage just yet. Greene is starting a podcast for fans who are still — or have just fallen — in love with all things Twilight.

So if you’ve been dreaming of dreary days in Forks, WA, or waiting for a mysteriously handsome guy to drive down the street in a silver Volvo, this is the podcast for you. New fans are still discovering Twilight magic, as Greene told EW in a conversation about The Twilight Effect, launching next month.

“There was a big of a resurgence of Twilight because of it being on Netflix and now it’s on Peacock. All of a sudden people were talking about this again and I started seeing that some of our OG fans were rewatching but then we had this new slew of fans that were living it for the first time. To see those two groups come together was really cool. I started feeling nostalgic. I love our fans; I think they’re incredible. I know everyone probably argues their fans are the best but our fans are pretty top-notch.”

With the films streaming on Netflix, new and existing fans are gathering to walk the streets of Forks, laugh and cry with our favorite characters, and admire vampires sparkling in the sun (we couldn’t mention Twilight without sparkling vamps, OK?)

This shared experience is the point of The Twilight Effect.

“So I was like, ‘It would be cool to be in my state of nostalgia with other people.’ It’s been really cool and it did do exactly what I hoped it would do — I get to sit down and we’re rewatching the films, which we’ve just rewatched the first one so far and it’s wild to be able to view this from my adult perspective and kind of removed a little bit and see a bit more of what the fans saw. Because when you’re in it, it’s a little hard to separate and you can’t enjoy it as a whole. And then we really wanted to make this about fan engagement. I want to engage them as much as possible.”

The Twilight Effect joins a bevy of podcasts in the increasingly-popular ‘rewatch’ genre — see Drama Queens, dedicated to reliving One Tree Hill, and Office Ladies, whose focus should be obvious — that guide fans through re-experiencing favorite series and films, often with guest appearances by the very actors who portrayed their favorite characters.

In addition to the nostalgia of it all, Greene will talk to Twilight’s luminaries about the impact the global juggernaut had on their lives. Reflecting on her own experience, the actress/podcaster said,

“We did have ups and downs, and it wasn’t perfect all the time. Yeah we’re part of something that’s incredible and that we’re all really grateful for but you know, there were some negatives that came along with it and there were also some moments where I think some of us cracked a little bit under the pressure. Looking into that, the human part of it, has been really great.”

Of course, EW asked whether Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart might appear on the podcast, but Greene kept her lips sealed. Still, she did reveal that she’d welcome any interested parties, so we’re crossing our fingers that all our favorites might spill what it was like to create such an everlasting pop cultural realm.

The Twilight Effect premieres on March 15 with two episodes, wherever you get your podcasts.

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