Twilight Star Says He’d Return In A Heartbeat


The objective quality of Twilight has been fiercely debated since the first installment of the YA novel series was published in 2005, then even more so upon the release of the initial adaptation three years later. Some of those involved have been happy to put the saga in their rearview when it ended, but others, such as Peter Facinelli, would love the opportunity to return to it.

Facinelli appeared in all five Twilight movies as Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the central clan of ‘vegetarian’ vampires, and a 370-year-old doctor whose natural compassion led to a distaste for drinking the blood of people or taking a human life, ideals he passed on to each member of his adopted family as it gradually grew over the centuries.

Of reprising the character, Facinelli had this to say:

“[I would return] in a heartbeat. I love that character. [He’s] so much fun to play and that world is so fun.”

Outwith Twilight, Facinelli is probably best known as smug and handsy doctor Fitch Cooper in medical comedy/drama Nurse Jackie, and for recurring roles as Lex Luthor-lite Maxwell Lord in season 1 of Supergirl and police commissioner Michael Plank in season 1 of S.W.A.T. He’s also made numerous TV guest appearances and been featured in various indie movies, so he’s certainly not been lacking for job opportunities, making his enthusiasm for Carlisle likely to be genuine rather than a tacit plea for work.

Although a new Twilight novel was recently published, the overwritten slog Midnight Sun that retells the first book from the perspective of Edward rather than Bella, the prospect of this reigniting the cinematic franchise is minimal. It’s partly due to, as Facinelli himself noted, the issue with the actors having noticeably aged when vampires aren’t supposed to, and also saga stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson having made it clear that they have no interest in returning to characters that might have made them household names, but not always in a positive manner.

While Facinelli (as well as remaining fans) might like to see Twilight resurrected, the chance of that actually happening is slim to none, so we’d probably be better off just imagining how things might have turned out.