Twitter blasts Matt Damon’s new cryptocurrency commercial


Celebrity endorsements have been a staple of shilling goods to consumers for decades, and for the most part, it’s simply a transparent case of roping in a famous face to tell you how great a product is, despite the very high probability they’ll never use it in their life once the director on the commercial calls cut.

George Clooney revealed that he turned down $35 million to spend one day filming a promo for an unnamed airline, so not everyone is enamored by the lure of a big payday and nothing else. However, Clooney’s buddy Matt Damon has found himself being mercilessly roasted online after accepting what was no doubt a hefty paycheck to front a cringe-worthy ad for cryptocurrency.

As you can see below, Twitter has been having a field day blasting the Academy Award winner for lending his esteemed talents to an obnoxious, pretentious, and all-around jaw-dropping insistence that signing up for could turn you into a historical game-changer.

Who better to convince the current generation to invest in the unreliable and fractious world of cryptocurrency than a 51-year-old man with an estimated personal net worth well in excess of $150 million? Nobody, evidently. Now we’re just curious to find out how much he could actually tell us about when he’s not reading from a cue card.

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