Twitter is roasting Vin Diesel after The Rock said no to ‘Fast & Furious’ return

Fast & Furious 9

Vin Diesel has come under fire after Dwayne Johnson called him out on his “manipulative” attempt to bring the latter back for the penultimate movie in the Fast & Furious saga.

With the action film franchise seemingly milking every last bit of its once-magnanimous box office potential through all of these consecutive sequels, it’s little wonder that director Justin Lin and the rest of his crew are already hard at work developing the as-yet-untitled F10, the final movie in the main saga, which, to unintentionally reaffirm our point, is set to come out in two parts.

One of the things the Fast & Furious series can always be depended on to achieve is bringing together a star-studded cast. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was one such high-profile actor who joined in on the fun with the fifth installment, Fast Five, and continued that streak through to Furious 7 as the DSS agent Luke Hobbs. Of course, the actor also reprised his role for 2019’s spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw, though, for one reason or another, The Rock has made it perfectly clear that he won’t return to star in the main series again.

Many fans believe that this has to do with Johnson and Diesel’s ongoing feud, which dates back to a few years ago. Recently, the latter implored The Rock to return for F10 by sharing a post on Instagram. In response, Johnson slammed his former co-star’s attempt and called it a “manipulation.”

Now the folks on Twitter are having a little fun with the story, and the most prominent sentiment echoes The Rock’s own response, as can be seen below.

While there really isn’t much to be said about this exchange, I guess we can sum up all these reactions by noting that the power of “family” didn’t come through for Vin Diesel, after all.