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Twitter Mourns Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ Death On Alec Baldwin Set

Halyna Hutchins' accidental death was the result of a mishap involving a prop gun reportedly discharged by by star Alec Baldwin.

Halyna Hutchins

Following the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins yesterday on the set of the Alec Baldwin Western Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Twitter users are turning to their timelines to mourn Hutchins and honor her work.

Hutchins was 42 years old. Born in Ukraine during the Soviet Union, Hutchins was initially a journalist in Eastern Europe before immigrating to the United States and working in the film industry. She is now being remembered for her work on the TV miniseries A Luve Tale: The Series, The Mad Hatter, Blindfire, Archenemy and numerous short films.

Director James Gunn expressed his sympathy to the mourning family last night, saying his heart goes out to Hutchins and her family.

Many are posting photos in remembrance.

And some are even sharing stills from some of her past work.

There’s plenty of calls for press coverage to be more respectful to the late cinematographer in headlines.

Her social media posts are being remembered as some of her final moments doing what she loved.

Hutchins’ accidental death was the result of a mishap involving a prop gun reportedly discharged by star Alec Baldwin.

While Hutchins died shortly after being transported to a local hospital, director Joel Souza was also injured in the accident. He is reportedly under medical care.

The investigation of how the firearm was used and what type of projectile was involved is reportedly still being conducted by detectives. Earlier reports indicated that a cast member, who we now know was Alec Baldwin, had cocked the gun during a rehearsal, unaware that it contained live rounds.

While Souza was hit in the shoulder, Hutchins was immediately airlifted to a hospital for stomach surgery following a 9-11 call and Santa Fe Sheriffs arriving on scene. But the 42-year-old did not survive her injury, despite help from medical personnel. The production for Rust has understandably been shut down indefinitely amid the accident.

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