Marvel Fans Are Loving Chris Evans’ Adorable Quarantine Dog Photo

Chris Evans

As we all hunker down for the nuclear winter, it’s become more important than ever to broadcast those crumbs of comfort that make life that little bit more bearable. Too dark? I’m doing my best.

Today’s crumb comes from Captain America star Chris Evans, who like the model citizen that he is, has been in self-imposed quarantine. Isolation if you will. OK, so not quite isolation from everyone. He’s got company in the shape of this particular furry fellow:

Because if lockdown got you down, there’s nothing like a much-loved movie star with his goofy dog photo to cheer you up, right? Here’s some of the internet’s reaction to the pic that I’m dubbing “Cap’s Best Friend.”

First up is Twitter user @thechrisroom’s take on it:

Chris doesn’t actually have any kids, so quite what his new father face looks like I can’t say. But I can see what @thechrisroom is getting at.

@HeyitsNat_A can’t get enough of Hollywood’s latest power couple:

Even for a world as fluid as the movies, something tells me questions will be asked about this relationship.

@ashlie_weeks has a simple request for the Captain:

Only with express permission from the relevant parties. Consent is consent.

Meanwhile, @allaboutcevans – wonder what their special interest is? – has been floored by the photo:

I just have one question. Who is UUU? If you know anyone with those initials, do leave a comment so we can get in touch with @allaboutcevans.

And here’s a few more just for good measure:

That’s your lot. The day feels brighter already. I mean, it’s very sunny as it is, but metaphorically my spirit levels have soared. Captain America’s got his dog, Jean-Luc Picard is reading Shakespeare, Kirk is recording a captain’s log. We’re gonna get through this.