Twitter Swoons Over Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III Training Video

via MGM

Michael B. Jordan’s ascent up the Hollywood ladder has seen him become busier than ever, especially now that he’s moved into producing and directing. How he even finds the time to hit the gym is impressive in itself when you look at the wall-to-wall projects lining his schedule, but the internet is certainly glad that he did.

The 34 year-old is currently gearing up to make his feature debut behind the camera on Creed III, which marks the first installment in the expanded Rocky franchise that won’t feature Sylvester Stallone’s Italian Stallion. Jonathan Majors is the only other name announced for the ensemble, so we can expect a pair of powerhouse performances and an epic slugfest at the very least, even if Sly won’t be around.

Jordan recently posted a training video on social media as he gets closer to the start of production, and as you can see from the reactions below, the internet’s collective heart skipped a beat.

On top of the impending Creed III, as either an actor producer Jordan also has a second season of Raising Dion in the works for Netflix, as well as his role in bringing the DCEU’s Static Shock to the big screen, a Thomas Crown Affair remake he’s spearheading with the Russo brothers, blockbuster literary adaptation The Broken Earth, HBO Max’s Val-Zod series and more, so quite how he finds the time to sleep is anybody’s guess.