Twitter utterly adores LEGO’s new ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean set

Image via LEGO

The history of Hollywood is full of iconic vehicles, but few are as iconic as Back To The Futures DeLorean, which is now immortalized in detailed LEGO form.

First released in 1985, Back To The Future turned the already unique car into a time travel device and captured society’s imagination. This was impressive, since, at the time of the film’s release, the DeLorean company had been closed for three years.

Now, LEGO has announced that a new DeLorean Lego set will arrive on April 1st. According to the promo, the set will capture the unique look of the DeLorean and feature three different modes, allowing fans to recreate its looks from all three films.

According to LEGO’s shop listing for the kit, it will be made up of 1,872 pieces and be 35 centimeters wide, showing how massive and detailed the final model will be and will retail for $169.99. 

Back To The Future fans and passionate Lego enthusiasts alike took to social media to fawn over this new kit and share their memories of the franchise.

One user summed up the internet’s feelings perfectly, saying: “Oh Lego, why must you taunt me with your beauty.” 

Many are comparing this version of the DeLorean to the previous Lego set depicting the car. Hitting shelves in 2013, the older DeLorean kit lacked many of the details found on the new model. One user turned this comparison into a classic “you vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about” meme. 

IGN Deals took a similar approach, turning the comparison into a new take on the “we have that at home” meme, complete with a picture of the older, less detailed version of the DeLorean. 

Another user summed it up simply by saying: “The LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean looks fantastic. An improvement on the original set in every way! I absolutely love it.” 

Some eagle-eyed Lego fans are picking apart the highly-detailed full teaser. Pointing out the other sets that Lego chose to feature in it. One user identified all of the buildings used during the medieval sequence and Tweeted: “They really put all the best Medieval/Castle sets in the #LEGO DeLorean short !! #BackToTheFuture”

A few internet users drew attention to the set’s release date, as while April 1st is close, it is also a day categorized by jokes and pranks. One user summed it up by saying: “Oh my god!!! It’s happening!!… just take my money!!! Please don’t let this be an April fools!”

However, LEGO has confirmed that this indeed is not an April Fool’s joke, but the skeptics will just have to wait and see.