Twitter’s ‘My Batman’ trend offering all sorts of spicy hot takes

michael keaton batman

As one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in the history of pop culture, Batman is regular topic of discussion among social media users, especially during this unique moment when Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton are all technically active as the Dark Knight at the same time.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course, but sometimes the debate and discussion can end up getting a little heated. “My Batman” has been trending hard on Twitter overnight and well into the morning, but you won’t be shocked to discover that many hot takes bordering on the outright spicy are being offered up.

Inevitably, much of it is pitting Matt Reeves’ recently established The Batman mythology up against the SnyderVerse, but you can check out some of the best reactions below to see which side of the fence you end up falling on.

Now that The Batman is imminently heading to HBO Max, the focus has started shifting back to the SnyderVerse in the wake of Discovery finalizing the Warner Bros. merger, with Batgirl and The Flash coming to theaters to gift audiences with the one-two punch of having Affleck and Keaton suited, booted, and ready for duty in the same movie.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the Caped Crusader, especially when you consider that The Batman has at least two HBO Max spinoffs in the works, but we can always rely on the denizens of Twitter to turn it into something tribalistic eventually.