Two New Featurettes For Captain America: Civil War Spotlight Marvel’s Star-Spangled Hero


At the time of writing, we’re now a little less than a month away from the arrival of Captain America: Civil War, and Marvel is beginning to slowly crank up the marketing machine in preparation.

While directors Joe and Anthony Russo continue to share photos via Instagram – the latest of which showcased a brawl between Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) – Marvel has premiered a pair of new featurettes focusing on Chris Evans’ star-spangled hero.


First up, we have the Brothers in Arms. Glimpsed above, it doubles down on both Evans and Stan’s men out of time, and how their seemingly unflinching bond sends ripples coursing through Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Both Evans and Robert Downey Jr. – headlining Team Iron Man – offer new insight into Tony and Cap’s crumbling friendship, and what that means for their individual futures.

Switching gears to the second and final Civil War featurette – for today, at least – and we have a concise recap of Steve Rogers’ history, from his early days as a budding WWII soldier to becoming the poster child for military propaganda.

Captain America: Civil War will throw a spanner in the MCU – and all the relationships therein – when Joe and Anthony Russo’s threequel opens on May 6. For a concise recap of Captain America’s history, you can glimpse the second of today’s featurettes below.

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