Two New Promos For The Mummy Tease Tom Cruise’s Fate And An Iconic Movie Monster


The Mummy is poised to become the focal point of Alex Kurtzman’s upcoming reboot, that much we know, but as Universal is aligning the fantastical adventure flick to be the start of a bona fide shared universe, viewers can look forward to uncovering a whole new world of gods and monsters come June.

Case in point: a new pair of promos have surfaced online for The Mummy, one of which teases a very familiar movie monster – or more specifically, its skull. Housed up in some form of research lab owned by Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll – Jekyll is said to be the fixed anchor point of Universal’s interconnected universe, not unlike Nick Fury’s role in the MCU – you’ll be able to catch a shot of a vampire skull, which all but confirms the existence of Dracula ahead of his own planned spinoff movie. That fanged skull and many more fantastical trinkets form the lifeblood of Prodigium, the organization headed up by Jekyll that specialize in tracking monsters big and small.

The Mummy is the latest supernatural deity to break free from her ancient slumber, no thanks to Tom Cruise and Co. poking around in the Middle East. Once the cat is out of the bag, and Cruise’s military plane is sent spiralling to the Earth in spectacular fashion, our former military man strikes up an alliance with Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) and Sergeant Vail (Jake Johnson) to bring peace to the world once more.

On June 9th, Universal and Alex Kurtzman will conjure up an ancient form of magic when The Mummy looms over theaters worldwide. Only time will tell though whether the Tom Cruise-fronted reboot can get Universal’s bold universe going on the right foot.