Two New Viral Clips For Alien: Covenant Show The Calm Before The Storm


Christopher Oram and Daniels post a pair of haunting transmissions in the latest pair of viral clips for Ridley Scott’s prequel-sequel, Alien: Covenant.

The former is played by Billy Crudup and is described as a man of faith, one who considers the Covenant crew arbiters of destiny. Daniels, meanwhile, is the terraforming expert on board Scott’s space vessel, and judging by her own transmission, Alien: Covenant will involve humanity’s first major colonization mission to the cosmos. That expedition takes an unexpected detour when Danny McBride’s captain decides to answer a distress call on a far-flung planet – such is the Alien way – and it’s here where the crew encounter unimaginable horror.

Five years on from the release of Prometheus and all of its unanswered questions, Ridley Scott has made it his mission to take the franchise back to its putrid roots. An R-rating is locked for Alien: Covenant, and the trailers released thus far have been teeming with sci-fi horror and bloody mayhem – both human and otherwise. And though today’s new viral promos focus more on the characters and less so on the horror, there’s something decidedly haunting about the way both clips are edited, as the sense of impending doom builds and builds to a nerve-shredding crescendo.

It’s the current cover star of Empire Magazine, and with Alien Day penciled in for April 26th – a nod to the iconic moon LV-426 – the run-in to Alien: Covenant looks set to be crammed full of exciting announcements. You’ll be able to find the second of today’s viral clips below, which finds Billy Crudup’s Oram delivering a hopeful message to the camera.