Tyler Perry involved in car accident, mogul’s Bentley badly damaged

Tyler Perry was recently involved in a car accident that damaged his Bentley SUV. 

According to TMZ, the accident took place after the entertainment mogul flew into Burbank Airport in Los Angeles, California, on December 15. On his way home, Perry, who was driving his lavish vehicle, crashed into an unidentified woman in a Honda Accord that cut across three lanes of traffic around the Sherman Oaks area. The publication’s close sources reported that the unnamed woman admitted to causing the crash. 

Despite the accident, no injuries were reported, and the individuals involved didn’t need to be hospitalized. Authorities also confirmed to TMZ that given the condition of the accident, no police report will be filed, and “everything will be handled privately.” No other details surrounding the crash has been released.

Perry is famously known for his role as Mabel ‘Madea’ Earlene Simmons. Back in June, Perry announced in an Instagram account that he would be reviving his beloved role for Netflix’s upcoming film, A Madea Homecoming, and he explained why at the time.

“We need to laugh, man, too much is going on in the country. We need to laugh, so, I was done, but she’s coming back. Madea on Netflix. I can’t wait.”


The character Madea was last seen in A Madea Family Funeral, released in 2019. 

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