Morbius Star Says His Character Will Mess People Up When They See Him


Little concrete information about Morbius has so far been released other than what can be gleaned from the trailer, but it’s been confirmed that Tyrese Gibson will feature in the film as FBI agent Simon Stroud, and he’s now revealed a little of what we can expect from the character.

Morbius follows the eponymous doctor as he’s infected with a form of vampirism in the search for a cure for the rare blood disease slowly killing him, the subsequent bloodlust putting him on the radar of government agencies, with Stroud being one of a number of FBI agents hounding him. Stroud is outfitted with a cybernetic arm, too, which can be briefly seen in the trailer, and which Gibson has told audiences to be prepared for.

“That arm has all kinds of special effects and powers, and that’s going to mess people up when they see this movie. It’s my first time ever officially being a superhero. I’ve done some superhero shit, but I ain’t never been a superhero. I had to explain this to my daughter.”

This is a departure from the character’s comics incarnation, who’s a regular human without abilities or enhancements, although is nevertheless a talented investigator and tracker who before hunting Morbius had taken on the likes of Man-Wolf and Kraven the Hunter, and even earned the respect of Black Widow.

While it’s debatable whether Stroud actually counts as a superhero, Gibson is certainly accurate in having done such work before, specifically with the Fast & Furious movies having escalated to such preposterous excesses that its characters have practically ascended to become superhumans. As such, he’ll be more than familiar with the requirements of gravity defying insanity and bombastic action.

Gibson has also previously revealed that he signed a three-picture deal when joining Morbius, so when we’re finally able to see the movie, it certainly won’t be only time Stroud comes to the big screen.