New UK Quad Poster For The Raid 2 Is Full Of Quotes


The Raid 2 is opening in the US on March 28th (and in the UK on April 11th) and to make sure that audiences find their way into theatres, Sony has released this awesome new quad poster overseas that features a whole bunch of very impressive quotes. You might recognize the one at the very top as it belongs to our very own Dom Mill. Like the rest of the praise featured here, his quote is extremely positive and I think the general consensus seems to be that Gareth Evans’ highly-anticipated sequel might just be one of the best action movies, ever.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t seen the film myself. I missed it a couple of weeks back at SXSW but am extremely eager to check it out. Having loved The Raid: Redemption, I’ve been waiting for the follow-up ever since it was announced and I have no doubt that it will fully live up to expectations. Admittedly, I’m still at a loss trying to figure out how Evans can top what he did in the original, as it was truly mind-blowing, but from what I hear, there are some absolutely spectacular action scenes here.

The Raid 2 opens in just over a week (in the US, at least). Check out the new quad poster below and let us know if you’re as excited as we are for the film.

raid 2_2