UK Trailer For Intruders Released

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s new supernatural horror/thriller Intruders has a brand new UK trailer. The film stars Clive Owen as a father trying to protect his family from someone or something. The Universal pic filmed last year in London, and hits theaters this year on October 7th.

The trailer hints at some real demonic haunting, though the plot synopsis simply tells of an 11-year-old who is battling demons from her past. If IMDB is correct, than the film is about the origin of monsters that are born in childhood and passed on by a family. Sounds a lot like Insidious, or even Hellraiser.

Fresnadillo is no stranger to genre film, as his 28 Weeks Later was a sold sequel to the great indie horror 28 Days Later. He’s keeping things close, as there’s still plenty of intrigue around what is really happening in the film in terms of storyline, which I’m sure is a good move on the part of filmmakers. The recent trailer for Dream House received some negative buzz for revealing too much of the movie, and leaving no mystery, Intruders does the exact opposite by not giving away much at all.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable. 

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