This Iconic Unbreakable Location Is Returning For Glass


M. Night ShyamalanGlass, the much-anticipated sequel to both 2002’s Unbreakable and 2017’s Split, is currently filming in Philadelphia. Following on from Bruce Willis’ shock cameo as David Dunn in the aforementioned pic, Glass will feature the super-strong hero facing James McAvoy’s “The Horde,” with Samuel L. Jackson also returning as Dunn’s old nemesis Elijah “Mr. Glass” Price.

And with Price coming back for more, so is one key location from the original movie. Unbreakable fans will remember that a depressed Mr. Glass went into a comic book store at one point where he found an issue of the fictional Sentryman comic. This inspires him to get back to work in convincing David that he’s a hero.

While talking to Star News Philly, Bill Fink – who owns Ontario St. Comics, the store seen in the film – revealed that Glass will also make use of his shop.

“Since we were part of the original movie, Unbreakable, when Samuel L. Jackson was here knocking comics off a rack from his wheelchair, I guess we were a natural choice since it’s a combined sequel between Unbreakable and Split. I guess they wanted to come back to some things from Unbreakable and pay homage or add a blast from the past to combine the two movies.”

Fink went on to explain how he had to alter his store to get it ready for shooting – including removing some Unbreakable and Samuel L. Jackson memorabilia, which would have just raised a lot of questions if they featured in the movie.

“We had a big Unbreakable banner and we had to take that down obviously. The big, plastic inflatable Spider-Man that you see in Unbreakable, we actually took him down and cleaned him up. He’d been up there for about 20 years or so, so we had to remove all the dust from him. And, we had to remove our cardboard stand-up of Nick Fury. That would be weird to have a picture of Samuel L. Jackson as another character in the movie.”

Price was obsessed with comic books, which led to him developing a warped viewpoint of seeing himself as a supervillain, so it’s not surprising that the character hasn’t lost that by the time Glass checks in on him. Interestingly, previous set photos revealed that Split‘s Casey Cooke (Anya Taylor-Joy) will visit Brave New Worlds Comics, another real-life comic book shop from Philadelphia.

Fans have got a lot of time to ponder how these stores might factor into Glass, as the movie isn’t set to arrive in cinemas until January 18th, 2019, but be sure to let us know your theories down in the comments section below in the meantime.