‘Uncharted’ director already has sequel ideas in mind


Without diving too far into spoilers or specifics, there are two credit scenes to sit through once the main story of Uncharted draws to a close, which offer a pretty big hint as to where a potential sequel could be heading.

Of course, the latest video game adaptation to be greeted tepidly by critics needs to make enough money at the box office to make further adventures a reality, but there’s a decent chance Tom Holland’s second Sony-backed blockbuster in a matter of months will be able to turn a profit.

The studio doesn’t have a huge number of lucrative properties at its disposal, with Marvel and Jumanji accounting for eleven of the studio’s fifteen highest-grossing movies ever, so the boardroom will be crossing their fingers that Uncharted finds an audience willing to invest in the continued trials and tribulations of Holland’s Nathan Drake.

In an interview with ScreenRant, director Ruben Fleischer revealed that while he isn’t getting carried away, he does have plenty of ideas for sequels should the opportunity present itself.

“It depends on the success of the movie. No, yeah, of course. I have thoughts on it. When you sit in an editing room for a year working on a movie, it’s hard not to dream up other adventures to take these guys on. So yeah, if we’re lucky enough to get to make a sequel, I have a lot of ideas for things that I personally would want to try.”

We’ll have a much better indication as to whether or not Uncharted has genuine franchise potential by Monday when the opening weekend numbers come in, but Fleischer will be remaining bullishly optimistic until then.

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