‘Uncharted’ getting trashed by critics ahead of release


Out of the dozens upon dozens of video game adaptations to have hit the big screen since Super Mario Bros. got the genre off to a fairly disastrous start back in 1993, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a small few that could justifiably be deemed as good movies, never mind great ones.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Uncharted isn’t going to buck that trend, with Sony’s latest effects-driven epic starring Tom Holland set to fare a whole lot worse than the last one. Ruben Fleischer’s treasure-hunting adventure is now playing internationally ahead of a domestic bow next Friday, and the early consensus is not great.

As you can see from the reactions below, the first wave of reviews aren’t exactly encouraging, but maybe fans of the source material and the Spider-Man star will be a touch more forgiving than critics.

Was anybody expecting Uncharted to be anything other than a mindless, action-packed romp powered largely by star power, charisma, and vapid set pieces? Probably not, so general audiences might be willing to give it a little more leeway, even if we’ve all felt personally affronted by at least one console-to-screen translation. We’ll have our own review up tomorrow, so make sure to check back and find out WGTC thinks.

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