An Underrated Denzel Washington Movie Has Been Dominating Netflix All Week

The Equalizer 2

To give you a brief indication of both his enduring popularity, longevity as an A-list star and continued box office drawing power, of the 22 movies Denzel Washington has starred in over the last 20 years beginning with his Academy Award winning turn in Training Day, only six of them have failed to earn at least double their production budgets back in theaters.

Of those six, one of them was The Little Things, which was released simultaneously on HBO Max in the middle of a pandemic and still managed to top the domestic charts on its opening weekend, and the only two that could genuinely be called flops are forgotten 2003 mystery thriller Out of Time and legal drama Roman J. Israel, Esq., and in the latter case, Washington landed an Oscar nomination for Best Actor anyway.

The Equalizer 2

From the remaining sixteen, seven of them hit the number one spot at the box office, and just three of them opened lower than third. That’s an astonishing track record of success, so it’s no surprise that Washington’s The Equalizer 2 has been dominating Netflix’s most-watched list all week, because audiences will clearly never get tired of seeing him headline a gritty action thriller.

It’s the only sequel he’s ever made, and it looks as though there won’t be a third installment given that the property has already been rebooted as a CBS show with Queen Latifah in the lead, unless of course they want to do the most unexpected of crossovers. In any case, The Equalizer 2 is currently the tenth most popular title on the world’s biggest streaming service, having risen two places since yesterday, reinforcing just how much people love themselves a slice of Denzel Washington-orientated entertainment.