An Underrated Horror Movie Is Finding Lots Of Love On Netflix Today

No Escape Room

If you’ve been hankering for a creepy flick to keep you occupied this weekend, then we may have the blood-drenched ticket for you. Yes, a rather underrated horror film has been performing surprisingly well on Netflix. In fact, it currently sits in fourth place on the Top 10 most-watched list in the US. Specifically, the movie in question is 2018’s No Escape Room.

Directed by Alex Merkin, the story centers on a father and daughter who decide to check out an escape room in a small, rural town. However, the pair soon discover that there’s something not quite right about the eerie attraction. Suffice it to say, both father and daughter must work tirelessly together to flee from the haunted establishment in a bid to save their own lives.

While critics weren’t too overly impressed with No Escape Room – it sits at a rather lacklustre 39% critics rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 5.3 on IMDb – Netflix subscribers are still seriously lapping it up, reflected by its inclusion in the Top 10 most-watched list.

Of course, while No Escape Room may not be a horror classic per se, it remains a solid and somewhat underrated effort that conceals a couple of neat twists and turns up its blood-soaked sleeve. And the fact that the pic’s doing so well on Netflix highlights just how much of a healthy appetite subscribers have for scary movies at the moment.

But tell us, have you had a chance to check out No Escape Room yet? And if so, what did you think of it? Silently creep down to the usual place below and let us know your thoughts.