An Underrated Jason Statham Movie Is Finding Lots Of Love On Netflix


There’s no denying that Jason Statham has found a very comfortable niche for himself in Hollywood, and the mere presence of his name in any movie is often enough to let audiences know exactly what they’re going to get. That’s hardly a bad thing, though, because he’s been established as one of cinema’s premiere action heroes for close to 20 years now, even if there is a sense of over-familiarity running through his work.

If you can’t remember the monikers of his specific projects, then it becomes increasingly difficult to pick them out of a lineup. Ask someone to guess the Jason Statham action thriller you’re thinking of with either a one-word title, or two words but one of them has to be ‘the’, where he plays a no-nonsense badass with either a military or law enforcement background who gets pulled back into the world he left behind for the fabled ‘one last job,’ and see what they come up with.


It could be The One, The Transporter, Cellular, Revolver, London, Chaos, Crank, War, The Mechanic, Blitz, Safe, Parker, Homefront or The Meg, but the twist is that we’re not talking about any of the aforementioned movies. Instead, Hummingbird is the Jason Statham vehicle dominating the Netflix viewership chart today, where it currently ranks as the ninth most-watched film in the United States.

The action thriller with a one-word title features the actor as a no-nonsense badass with a military background, who ends up pulled back into a world he left behind when he assumes another man’s identity and becomes embroiled in a gangland turf war. That being said, Hummingbird actually features one of the Crank star’s strongest performances, and is worth checking out even if you’re not typically a fan of his back catalogue.