An Underrated Jason Statham Movie Hits Netflix Next Month

Jason Statham

The very recent past has proven that Netflix subscribers are more than happy to hunker down in front of their televisions or laptops to watch Jason Statham doing what he does best, starring in a mid-budget action thriller with a one-word title where he’s a highly experienced and/or decorated professional forced to defend himself from nefarious outside forces.

Both Homefront and Hummingbird, or Redemption for those in the United States, played incredibly well on the platform when they were first added to the content library, finding an entirely new audience after doing decent if hardly spectacular business at the box office when they hit theaters.

Statham is easily the most underrated and underappreciated chrome domed action hero in Hollywood, with a track record that’s certainly comparable to his Fast & Furious co-stars Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, something the viewing numbers for his most recent additions to the Netflix library can attest to, and this time around, he even gets to wear a comically large hat.


Yes, those craving some more Statham in their lives don’t have too much longer to wait, because Parker is coming next month. Directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Taylor Hackford, the literary adaptation finds the title hero left for dead after a robbery gone wrong. Naturally, with this being a Jason Statham movie, he seeks revenge and tracks the bad guys down to Palm Beach, where he joins forces with a mysterious new ally to hijack the next heist.

As you may have gathered from that synopsis, Parker is far from original, but it ticks all of the boxes you’d want from the leading man’s regular forays into the genre and will no doubt crack the Netflix Top 10 shortly after it debuts on March 3rd.