Unearthed Justice League Mortal Concept Art Reveals Superman, Batman And Much More


Even though I’m someone who walked away from the Justice League movie that we eventually received with a smile on my face, there’s no way I’m going to say that it was perfect or was the complete package that my favorite characters deserved. Actually, I find myself conflicted because while I do love some of the actors that populate the landscape that makes up the DC Extended Universe such as Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa, every little bit of trivia surrounding the canned Justice League Mortal forces me to believe that it’d have been the better product.

The latest round of declassified info is some of the best this writer has seen in the time that has passed in the decade or so since the ax came down. Really, aside from seeing Megan Gale in her Wonder Woman regalia, we never had much of an idea of what the League would’ve looked like.

Fortunately, artist Matt Hatton has spoiled us like none have before by dropping a generous amount of concept art and storyboards on his Instagram page. And what’s especially noteworthy here is that a certain Man of Steel (set to be played by DJ Cotrona) and others are prominently on display, each of which can be viewed in the gallery down below.

To say that Superman’s outfit was ahead of its time is an understatement. Not only did it ditch the trunks before the New 52 days, but the way the cape connected to the S-shield was a fashion choice that’d eventually be used in the Injustice games and on the Supergirl TV series. It’s also hard not to notice that his boots are blue with a red outline at the top, something we did wind up seeing for the first year or so of the Rebirth era in the comic book realm.

In addition to that, Supes can be seen donning a similar suit – this time in black – which he was to wear to Batman’s funeral. Don’t worry, the Dark Knight wasn’t actually going to die, but it sounds like he was forced to fake his death for some reason. Actually, he can be found there, too, but we see only storyboards showing his cowl.

Sure, it does kind of suck that we’ve still yet to glimpse his costume that was said to be similar to what was found in The Dark Knight, but his cowl reminds me of designs that Alex Ross utilized in the comics, along with ears that were taller than what the Christopher Nolan films had to offer. Either way, Armie Hammer probably would’ve looked pretty badass.

Aside from what’s been discussed thus far, be sure to peruse the gallery for locations that were to be visited in Justice League Mortal. In addition to Wayne Manor – which was supposed to host a party of some sort – you can check out the ice-covered Kent house, which Superman apparently transported to the Fortress of Solitude. Said to have been facing an identity crisis, we’d be intrigued to learn how that subplot would’ve panned out.