Universal To Adapt Stephen King’s Gramma

Stephen King has to be one of the most adapted authors of all-time (at least it feels that way), given that almost every one of his novels has found its way onto the big screen in some shape or form. Most of the results have been so horrifyingly bad that they could even scare the likes of Edgar Allen Poe (including some that King scripted himself), though a good few have emerged as genuine classics. Thanks, Frank Darabont.

So if you feel confident in the fact that there’s nothing left to adapt, you’re wrong, casual fan. There are hundreds of short stories out there just waiting to be stretched into full-length motion pictures against their will. And Universal have latched onto one of ’em recently: “Gramma.” Though it’s going to be called Mercy, because the elderly don’t sell too good.

The story is focused on a boy who is left at a nursing home to look after his Grandmother. Of course, things aren’t at all what they seem, otherwise this would just be the next Mike Leigh movie.

No, Grandma is harbouring a dark secret, it seems, and it’s far more terrifying than an unchanged bedpan: she’s been messing with the occult.

It’s been said that Peter Cornwell (The Haunting In Connecticut) is set to the direct this adaptation, and that Universal have teamed up with Blumhouse Productions to get it made. What do you think? Does this news get all you Stephen King fans excited?

Source: Collider