Universal Taps Chris Morgan To Produce Mark Millar’s Chrononauts


After the likes of Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service all received stellar film adaptations, another of Mark Millar’s original comic book tales has now been earmarked for the same treatment. And it’s not even hit shelves yet.

Chrononauts, the first issue of which lands on newsstands next week, has been snapped up by Universal with Fast & Furious writer Chris Morgan attached to produce through his production label. It tells the story of two time traveling astronauts whose jaunts into the vast expanse of space and time lead the pair into a series of adventures. Millar created the series along with artist Sean Gordon Murphy, both of whom will executive produce the movie.

Here’s the full synopsis for the book, which we can assume will also be the story outline for the movie:

Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly are two red-blooded American guys who also happen to be scientific geniuses. With the whole world watching, they embark on the world’s first time-travel experiment. But when their planned routine goes off-course, they’re left to fend for themselves – leading to an era-hopping adventure!

From ancient Rome to the roaring twenties to the 1980s music scene, Corbin and Danny wreak havoc with the time stream, score front-row seats to the world’s wildest events, and get into hijinks with history’s scariest villains. But is it worth the price, when they have unresolved problems to address back home in the present day – and a team of angry bosses ready to do whatever it takes to rein them in?

This story unites the talents of writer Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service) and artist Sean Gordon Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus) – two powerhouse figures in the comics world, whose combined forces must be seen to be believed.

Millar and Gordon’s new adventure couldn’t come at a better time. Hollywood’s time travel trend is rapidly losing steam, and Chrononauts could definitely be the type of brilliant irreverence to kick it back into gear.

We will keep you posted with any breaking news as the movie pushes forward into development, but for now, let us know in the comments section if you’re looking forward to this one.