Unmasked Black Panther Headlines Fresh Batch Of Captain America: Civil War Images


Thanks to Empire’s media blowout, we now have an official name to attribute to Martin Freeman’s newcomer – Everett Ross of the Joint Counter Terrorism Center (JCTC) – not to mention the first high-res shot of Frank Grillo suited and booted as Crossbones. Beyond that, though, the outlet (via CBM) has also shared a handful of new images featuring most of the cast and, perhaps most interesting of all, an unmasked Black Panther.


Donning the jet-black guise as T’Challa is MCU newbie Chadwick Boseman, and this is our first peek at his character out of battle dress – leaked set photos notwithstanding. He’ll be siding with Team Cap for Civil War, rubbing shoulders with Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, Ant-Man and many more. In the red corner, Robert Downey Jr.’s inimitable Tony Stark will be standing resolute against JCTC and everything they represent, sparking the titular clash.

There is still one question that looms large over Captain America: Civil War, and it involves the loyalty of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Kept under wraps for now, the jury’s still out on whether the web-crawler will fall in line with Team Cap or Team Iron Man, though a potential Iron Spider arc leads us to believe that it could be the latter.

Captain America: Civil War opens in theaters on May 6. While we wait, feast your eyes on Empire’s stylish subscribers cover below.


Source: Empire

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