Unnerving Trailer For Alex Ross Perry’s Queen Of Earth Charts A Psychological Breakdown


Alex Ross Perry is ready to unveil his sophomore effort to the world, but those expecting Queen of Earth to bear any semblance to the dramedy tenets of last year’s Listen Up Philip need only look to the film’s maiden trailer, which hints at a heavily-stylized portrait of a psychological breakdown.

The film centres around the emotionally vulnerable Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) who, shortly after a bad break-up, decides the best way to blow off the cobwebs is to spend some time with her oldest friend Virginia at her lake house. What should be an idyllic vacation soon comes apart at the seams, with Patrick Fugit’s Richie – who Virginia begins to date – becoming entwined in the pair’s relationship for all the wrong reasons.

Early buzz for the film has been tremendously positive, with critics praising Moss’ unhinged performance as a career-best; plus, as the first trailer above attests, this is a film that not only boasts a documentary-styled feel, but framing that truly induces a feeling of claustrophobia on the part of the viewer. A perfect environment for a psychological drama, then.

Queen of Earth is little over a month away from its New York debut on August 26, though you can get an early snippet of the story via the synopsis below.

Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) has entered a particularly dark period in her life: her father, a famous artist whose affairs she managed, has recently died, and on the heels of his death she’s dumped by her boyfriend James (Kentucker Audley). Looking to recuperate, Catherine heads out to her best friend Virginia’s (Katherine Waterston) lake house for some much needed relaxation. However, once Catherine arrives relaxation proves impossible to find, as she is overcome with memories of time spent at the same house with James the year before.