The Unsung Heroes Of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Franchise


For an epic trilogy such as Christopher Nolan’s holy triumvirate of Batman films, fans need an equally epic Blu-Ray edition. There have been gift sets, collections, and other special editions thrown into the market, but in an attempt to create the best assembly of content possible, Warner Bros. have now released The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray.

So, you’re probably asking what makes this version so special, and what makes this so ultimate? Besides the badass replica Bat-vehicles that now are on display atop my Blu-Ray shelves, we get the following:

  • Original artwork from Mondo artist Jock for each franchise villain (love these)
  • A 48 page book full of production stills and behind the scenes material
  • A feature length retrospective documentary titled The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • A half an hour long conversation between director Christopher Nolan and Superman director Richard Donner
  • A nice little message from Christopher Nolan himself
  • The IMAX sequences of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises

In terms of additional footage, insight from a variety of cast members, deleted scenes, and other more engrossing cinematic treats, this newest edition is more for the true, artsy Batman fan. I guarantee a die-hard Wayne-head will want to make some kind of full display piece out of Jock’s badass villain prints, which I’m thinking of doing myself, but these special bits and trinkets are more for show, and we’re really presented the same films from previous releases. Fans already owning singular Blu-Ray copies or previous special editions will need to debate whether having the new artwork is worth it – but the revealing documentary The First Rises makes an extremely strong case for the purchase, chronicling Batman’s rise to power once again.

If you don’t own any of these movies on Blu-Ray though, the splurge is warranted. Sleek, stylish, and full of visual pieces that will make your Batman friends jealous, The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition should sit nicely in your collection, bringing Batman home in a big way. Retailing at about $100, you can find it for $80 over at Amazon, which is definitely your best bet.

Enough about the collection though, and let’s talk about the three spectacular films Christopher Nolan strung together. Product reviews are one thing, but directions came down from the top that straight reviews weren’t going to cut it for this product, and that Nolan requested creative features to promote this latest product release. Here at We Got This Covered, we took a look at the “Unsung Heroes” of Christopher Nolan’s franchise, and by “unsung,” I mean “Never will get as much credit as Batman even though they did some pretty noticeable work.” Batman gets all the glory these days – but could he have saved Gotham alone?