Upcoming Twilight Zone Movie To Get A Rewrite

It was in October when Cloverfield director Matt Reeves singed on to direct a new, big-screen adaptation of the enduring Twilight Zone brand, joined by scribe Jason Rothenberg who was also hired on to do script work. Now it appears that Warner Bros. wants someone with more of a sci-fi background to take a pass over the material before the project enters the filming stages.

Joby Harold is apparently that man. He previously wrote and directed the 2008 Hayden Christenson mind-bender Awake and is currently hard at work on the upcoming, high-concept Tom Cruise sci-fi actionier All You Need is Kill.

One of the earlier rumours was that Warner Bros. may go the multi-thread approach and have numerous directors on board, each helming a particular vignette (though that has obviously since been disproven). The question now is if Reeves and his writers are approaching the material with multiple narratives in mind, or if it will play out more like a standard sci-fi thriller.

The Twilight Zone is intended to be released some time in 2013.

Source: Variety