Uwe Boll Blasts George Clooney, Thinks You Should “F*$K Yourself,” And Spews Silly Insults In YouTube Rants


Since most of you have much better things to do with your weekend than listen to Uwe Boll rant and rave about how Hollywood is “laughing at us” on a daily basis, you probably missed his YouTube meltdown/bitch-fest/publicity stunt this past weekend.

Chances are you haven’t seen Rampage (a rather decent film) or its sequel, so you probably had no idea that Boll is currently crowdfunding Rampage 3: No Mercy, and after going the indiegogo route (which failed miserably), Boll fled to Kickstarter hoping that a different contributing community could keep his Damn-the-man franchise running strong. Long story short, the campaign failed yet again, and now Uwe Boll has one statement for us all: “Fuck Yourself.”

Yup, Boll is shocked at how “amateur idiots collect money on that absurd website.” According to Boll, he’s got enough money to play golf until he’s dead, and he might as well, because we’d rather indulge in another “Marvel-Avengerz-Bullshit” than Rampage 3: No Mercy (which he claims is an important movie). Boll expresses his frustration by attacking society for not caring about his life-altering works of cinema (and no, I’m not talking House Of The Dead or Alone In The Dark), and he ends the first rant with a suggestive “Goodbye Hollywood.”

Here’s the first burst of Boll-rage in video form: