Uwe Boll Calls The Tree Of Life A Piece Of Shit

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Even Uwe Boll, the man who has made classics like House of the Dead and Bloodrayne, can say something good or bad about a movie. Recently, the German director went on record to talk about the new film from Terrence Malick, The Tree Of Life.

In an interview with Screen Junkies’ Fred Topel, Boll called the highly discussed, Palme d’Or winning film “a piece of shit.” He claims there is no coherent storytelling and it’s all artistic nonsense.

“If I would have known how this ends, I would have walked out,” Boll said. “But I watched the whole movie because I wanted to see how it ends also.”

Boll even went as far as calling Malick “one of the most overrated directors of all time” and also called Lars von Trier, director of Antichrist, a “retard.”

For those who don’t know, none of Boll’s films have been praised by critics or audiences. In fact, they’ve been trashed in just about every way possible. That probably explains why he’s so crude to everyone. He’s one of the most hated filmmakers around and he continuously churns out films that are utterly awful.

What do you think of Boll’s latest attempts to stir up controversy? Do you agree with him?

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